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Unlock Big Brand Deals with a Book That Feels Like a Chat With a Trusted Mentor

Feeling stuck outside the brand partnership circle? You're not alone. Navigating the world of big brand partnerships can feel like there's a secret club with a locked door. But what if you had the key?

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"Small Business,
Big Partnerships"

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Why This Book Will Be Your Go-To Guide

"Small Business Big Partnerships" is like sitting down for coffee with a friend who’s been there and done that. I've put everything I know into this book—no secrets held back, no strategies too precious to share. Whether you're running a small business, a non-profit, trying to boost your influence, or even looking to attract sponsors for your podcast, this book has something for you.

Inside, You’ll Find:

Real, Usable Strategies:
I'm talking about the actual steps I’ve taken to form successful partnerships across different sectors. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill tips; these are the game-changing strategies typically kept behind closed doors.

Step-by-Step Guidance:
Every chapter walks you through what to do and how to do it, just like I would if we were working together in person.

Adaptable for Any Field:
These techniques work across the board. You'll learn how to make them work for whatever type of partnership you’re looking at.

This Book Opens Doors

Here’s what makes "Small Business Big Partnerships" different:

Understand What Brands Crave: Get the lowdown on what brands are actually looking for in a partner and how you can become just that.

Pitch Perfect: I'll show you how to craft your pitch not just to talk about what’s great about your business, but to highlight how it can solve a brand's specific problems.

Relationships That Last: Learn how to go from a one-off deal to an ongoing relationship where brands are keen to keep the connection going.

Brands I’ve secured for both our non-profit and business: H&M, Nike, Gap Inc., Coca Cola, Verizon, Prudential, Target, HSN, Smartwater, AT&T, Levi’s, and more.

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Table of Contents:

  • What We Have to Offer Big Brands: Uncover the unique values and qualities your small business brings to the table that big brands can't resist.
  • You Can’t Hide!: Emphasize the personal aspect of brand partnerships—how your personal story and transparency are your biggest assets.
  • The Main Reason Brands Partner with Small Businesses: Dive into how aligning your goals with a brand's objectives is key to securing sponsorships.
  • Sponsorship Timing: It is Everything: Learn why timing your requests and understanding the brand's scheduling can make or break a deal.
  • The Step-by-Step Guide to Sponsorship: Explore the personal strategies I use to negotiate and secure sponsorships effectively.
  • How to Price Your Partnership?: Guidance on valuing your offerings and setting prices that reflect your worth and meet market expectations.
  • What Can Your Business Offer a Brand?: Ideas to help you brainstorm valuable offerings that enhance your appeal to potential partners.
  • Brand Outreach: Techniques for reaching out to brands in a way that gets their attention and starts a conversation.
  • The Partnership Deck: How to create a compelling deck that communicates your value proposition clearly and effectively.
  • Effective Strategies for Brand Calls: Tips on handling calls with potential sponsors that will boost your confidence and success rate.
  • The Custom Proposal: Crafting personalized proposals that address the specific needs and interests of the brand.
  • Mastering the Mindset for Brand Partnership Success: Developing the right mindset to navigate the complex world of brand partnerships.
  • Looks Matter: The importance of presentation in your materials and personal branding.
  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered: It’s Yours: Navigating agreements and contracts to ensure both parties are protected and expectations are clear.
  • A Stress-Free Sponsor Relationship Requires Communication: Best practices for maintaining open, effective communication throughout the sponsorship.
  • Your Final Tool: It’s Just as Important as the Sponsorship Deck: Discussing another crucial tool that complements the sponsorship deck in securing and maintaining partnerships.

Are You Ready for a Breakthrough?

If you’re tired of watching from the sidelines as others land those big, exciting brand deals, "Small Business Big Partnerships" is your invitation to join the game.

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